Establishment of a company
in Thailand

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Setting up a company in Thailand

Some summary information on setting up a company

There are several possibilities of companies, I will give you one, I am not a lawyer in Thai law, I am simply sharing my personal experience.

This company real estate will allow you to buy one or more houses or an apartment if the quota of foreigners for this building is reached.

The company anonymous, àgrave; property unique, in association, limited, public etc.

Limited companies must have a minimum of 3 shareholders. The ratio should be one foreigner to 2 thaïs. A foreigner cannot have more than 49% of the shares of a company.

In summary the thais are majority in capital, and minority in voting rights. And as you will be the manager of this company, you will have all the possibilities of buying, selling and renting.

Two signatures are required for certain important acts. The advice I can give you, you will already have a signature as a director, you put in the shareholders a person of European confidence or not, and you have your two signatures to carry out all the operations of the company.
It is also possible to redeem the shares of a Thai shareholder.

The purpose of these companies is the purchase and rental of real estate, so in order not to have a problem with the tightening of Thai law, it is first important that this company is not a company; dormant, so every year to pay the taxes, and make rental contracts, even in the name of the manager or a shareholder, in order to prove that the company lives his life normally.

There will be due to the company some additional costs, creation of the company; 20 to 30,000 baht (for a capital of 1,000 000 baht).
And there will be an annual bookkeeping fee. and tax, which will be at about the same price as creation. These costs are a function of the capital of the company, and of the accounting firm that will draw up the accounts.
This is the only fees or taxes there will be, there are no housing or property taxes.

As said before, Pattaya is a city in full expansion, which attracts many well-meaning people but also the opposite, be very careful in the choice of your speakers Thais or Farangs. I insist, but it is not useless, because quite a few people have already does "have".

This advice has no legal value. It is simply the advice of a user. It is recommended for any operation in Thailand to be advised by a trusted lawyer, because in addition the laws are changing.