Retreat in Pattaya Thailand

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Retired in Pattaya, why not

Retirement at; Abroad: Thailand is popular

Offering quality of incomparable life, Thailand is attracting more and more French retirees... they are already there. 2,000 to having chosen to live their retirement in Thailand, and their number continues to increase... what motivates these expatriates of a new kind?

Expatriation for retirement: a growing trend

According to a survey carried out in February 2010 by the Ipsos Institute for the magazine Pleine Vie, 24% of French retirees questioned would like to live their retirement in the sun at the airport. abroad  by will "escape from France"...

Another figure shows that retirement àgrave; the foreigner becomes a real phenomenon of society;  : in five years, the Caisse des Français dçais d'étranger, which offers social security coverage to French expatriates, has seen the number of its senior members increase by 21% ...

Indeed, against a background of economic slowdown, declining purchasing power in Europe, and tense social climate in France, expatriation for retirement to sunny destinations where life is cheaper and more pleasant is a way to give a new dimension to life. his life, while discovering a new culture. Retirement in Thailand is fully in line with this trend.

Retirement in Thailand: a quality exceptional life

The "land of smiles" indeed has many assets to attract retirees. First, a tropical climate, i.e. sunshine all year round (even during the rainy season when showers are usually short-lived) and dream landscapes, of great diversity; (islands, white sand beaches, mountains, tropical forests...). The quality infrastructures in Thailand, transport, shops but also excellent hospitals as well as an extremely varied leisure offer (golf and water sports among others).

More over, the ancient kingdom of Siam offers an ideal context for leading a peaceful and relaxing life, easy and cheap access to the city. body care (massages, spa centers), a welcoming, smiling population, with a sense of service, who cultivates the values ​​of respect and attaches great importance to; spirituality (strong anchoring of Buddhism in society), or even a fine gastronomy, generally more dietetic than European cuisine.

And finally, the cost of living in Thailand is much lower than in France, overall 2 times lower.

It should also be noted that for all foreigners who wish to retire in Thailand, the Thai government has set up a specific visa for retirees, a renewable one-year visa (subject to annual resources, i.e. a capital of 800,000 baht deposited in a Thai bank, i.e. a monthly pension of 65,000 baht, for the moment in 2016, it is no longer possible to mix the two formulas.